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The AdZU-SOM envisions a medical school whose curriculum combines competency anc problem-based instruction with experiential learning in the community, responsive to the changing patterns of health care development and the needs of communities, sensitive to the social and cultural realities of Western Mindanao and beyond, and imbued with the belief that we exist not only for ourselves but also for others.


The School of Medicine exists to help provide solutions to the health problems of the people ard communities in Western Mindanao and beyond, therefore it will strive to produce competent graduates who, in the practice of their medical profession, are self-directing physicians, effective health administrators, health researchers and committed medical teachers.

Our Health Research Database

This database contains the researches done by students , faculty researches, and theses submitted by the graduates of the Master in Public Health and Master in Health Professions Education Programs of the Graduate School. The abstract and full text copies are available for download.

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