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The Ateneo Peace Institute empowers communities to build lasting peace through peace advocacy and communication, peace education, and research. It aims to promote transformative peace building mechanisms rooted from Ignatian spirituality, cultural sensitivity, and open dialogue.

What we do

Peace Advocacy: The aim of this program is to strengthen more effective peace building and conflict transformation mechanisms and improve peace, order, and harmony within the Ateneo community and across local communities.

Peace Education: The program aims to equip individuals with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to build a culture of peace. This includes integrating peace values into existing curricula and co-curricular activities across Basic and Higher Education levels; designing and delivering educational programs on conflict resolution, nonviolence, and human rights; and training educators and community leaders.

Muslim Affairs Program: The program seeks to promote intra and interreligious dialogue within and across faiths, while fostering broader knowledge and appreciation of different religious and cultural beliefs through education, research, and inclusive conversation.

SALAAM-AdZU Organization: The SALAAM-AdZU Organization is a non-profit student volunteer organization under the Ateneo Peace Institute (API) of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University. This program empowers students to dive deeper into the culture of peace, providing a platform for meaningful engagement with the Ateneo community and offering hands-on experience in peace-related activities.

Meet the Team!

Mario S Rodriguez

Assistant to the President for Social Development and Acting Director for Ateneo Peace Institute

Mary Elizabeth S Apolonio

Program Officer
Ateneo Peace Institute