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Ateneo Center for Testing

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The office serves the university primarily in support of instruction and formation efforts for the students. It coordinates with the guidance offices of the university’s different units for their students’ testing needs. As a repository of standardized tests, the office can also work with faculty or staff researchers as test administrators and result generators. On the other hand, the office also assists the human resources office as it is in charge of administering psychological exams to shortlisted applicants of various positions. Lastly, the office also offers testing services to various public and private organizations and offices.  

What we do:

A. Administer the entrance exams of the various units (High School, College, and Professional Schools) in coordination with the admissions offices of the various units. The Testing Center staff administers and prepares the results of the different exams.

B. Coordinates with the Guidance Offices of the various units for the administration, checking and interpretation of the Psychological Tests of the students.

C. Offers assistance to faculty and staff researchers in terms of standardized tool use for data gathering.

D. Coordinates with the HRADO for the testing needs of the said office related to recruitment and selection.

E. After payment of fees, the testing office staff administers exams. checks and provides interpretations to public and private offices from their employees or prospective applicants.

Meet the Team

Jayson V. Sabdilon, RPm — OIC Office Director

Chaldeanne D. Wee, RPm, RPsy — Consulting- Supervising Psychologist

            Khaleilah P. Amiril, RPm — Psychometrician

            Angelica V. Arjona, RPm — Psychometrician

            Adrian Yanver C. Lebron, RPm — Psychometrician

‘            Monique A. Maniago, RPm— Psychometrician

            Amiel Nehemiah O. Villanueva, RPm — Psychometrician

            Regina D. Lim — Office Secretary

            John Griffin A. Soriño — Support Staff

Testing Fee Rates

Rank and File applicants: 800.00 Php

Professional Applicants (ie. teachers, engineers, etc): 1000.00 Php

Supervisory Applicants (ie, unit head, division head, etc): 1200.00 Php

Managerial Applicants: 1500.00 Php