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Office of Student Affairs

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The Office Student Affairs (OSA) is responsible for the coordination, Development, and supervision of all non-academic activities of students. The OSA sees to it that rules on discipline are observed by all students in the campus.


  1. Help students adjust to life in AdZU through the following activities:
       – Orientation Seminar (ORSEM)
    Given to 1st Year Students
       – Reorientation on AdZU Philosophy and Core Values
    Given to 4th and 5th Year Students
  2. Encourage the development of responsible and ethical conduct among students by reinforcing student discipline in the campus.
  3. Provide opportunities for the development of student leaders and organizations

          i. Student Leadership

              a. Ignatian Leadership Camp

              b. Women’s Month Leadership Camp

              c. Conversacion (advocacy-based talks)

              d. Administrators-Students Conversations

         ii. Organization Development

             a. Awards Recognition for Individuals and Clubs/Organizations

             b. Organization Development Sessions
                 Secretarial, Marketing and Branding. Facilitation, Budget/Financial Management, and Conflict Management

             c. Midyear Evaluation and Consultation

The Office of Student Affairs
G/F Canisius Hall
Canisius-Gonzaga Building

Ateneo de Zamboanga University, La Purisima Street
Telephone: 991 – 0871 local 2204

FB: Office of Student Affairs – Ateneo de Zamboanga

Twitter: @AdZUOSA