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Center for
Information and Technology Services

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The Center for Information and Technology Service (CITS) is one of the university’s central offices that is responsible for managing and maintaining the institution’s computer systems and technology infrastructure. This includes managing hardware and software systems, providing technical support, managing network and data security, and ensuring that the technology needs of the community are met.

Our Objectives
To plan and implement strategic IT initiatives to help maintain AdZU’s competitive edge as a premier University by:

a. fulfilling IT requirements of the academic units for instructional innovation; and

b. providing IT solutions for efficient operations of the different offices of the University.
Core Functions
The responsibilities of CITS may vary depending on the community's specific technology needs. However, some of the typical functions include:

- Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) Technical Assistance
- Computer Laboratories Management
- Database Management
- IT Equipment Acquisition Support
- IT Support for Teaching and Learning
- Networks and WIFI Management
- Process Automation and Digitization
- Servers and Firewalls Administration
- Technical Support and Helpdesk
- Telephone System and PBX Management
Contact us!
Dial 991-0871
Director - 2280
Staff - 2285
Electronics & Telecomm - 2284 
Network Administrator - 2283
Computer Laboratory 1 & 2 - 2281

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