School of Liberal Arts

AdZU School of Liberal Arts offers diverse programs that provide rich and comprehensive education that fosters critical thinking, effective communication, and a deep understanding of various disciplines. Explore the world through our engaging courses and unlock a spectrum of career opportunities. In SLA, we empower students to embrace the complexities of the world and excel in diverse professional paths.

Academic Programs

Studies man’s behavior concerning production, distribution, exchange, and consumption of goods and services, and their implication to social welfare.

Provides a comprehensive study of the English language and literature including speech analysis and speech writing.

Prepares students for careers in print (newspapers, magazines, books),broadcast (radio, television), online media, film, advertising, and public relations.

 It molds the student into a well-rounded individual skilled in the intricacies of economics, enlightened by an appreciation of history; and meaningfully aware of the various political systems.

Studies diplomacy among the different states in the world providing in-depth knowledge of different regions of the world and integrating global processes necessary in understanding international relations.

Develops logical thinking as well as the habit of reflecting on the different dimensions of reality, namely, Man, Society, Religion, in order to understand how they constitute a meaningful whole

Study of human behavior and mental processes, exposing them to various areas in social psychology, psychometrics, counseling, human resources development and more.

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