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Social Science Department (2018-2019)

Social Sciences Department


The Social Sciences Department is committed to educating students in human behavior, in its many past and present forms, in individual, group, national and international contexts, and to empower students as democratic participants in a rapidly changing world. It also seeks to provide innovative, high quality instruction that empowers students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens who value scholarship, diversity, and the pursuit of truth. Coursework in Social Sciences introduces students to a broad-based understanding of human experience, as conveyed through the arts, anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, sociology, international relations, and global studies.

As the world becomes increasingly interdependent, students will need entirely new ways of thinking and skill sets. Cross-cultural collaboration skills will be a necessity. Students will receive innovative, collaborative, and rigorous methods in preparing them for the challenges of a globally interconnected world; where they think analytically about themselves and the world in which they live. They prepare for a wide variety of careers in education, the professions, foreign service, government and non-profits, and social services.


Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BAECON)

This four-year course is designed to provide students with the understanding of modern tools and skills of economic analysis and to apply them to contemporary policy issues. It covers a wide range of subjects that include functioning of markets, of firms and of financial organizations; economic policies, including taxation and government expenditure, trade and globalization, the development and growth of the economy, health and welfare, among others. For those who wish to pursue further studies in the field, we aim to lay a sound theoretical and empirical foundation that will serve as the basis for advanced studies in the professional schools and careers leading in teaching and research. It serves as a direct stepping stone towards employment in financial services, business administration, public administration, urban planning, social work, consumer advocacy, and natural resource management in both non-profit and government organizations.

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (BAINDIS)

This four-year course targets to provide a broad interdisciplinary education by combining three (3) major-interrelated fields: History, Economics, and Political Science. The degree offers the student the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary, coherent, academically sound and goal-oriented education directly relevant to the student’s intellectual development and career aspirations. It is appropriate for those students who seek a systematic grounding in the traditional arts and sciences from an interdisciplinary perspective. The degree is suitable for students with interests in business issues, communications, diversity, environmental studies, human resources, international relations, socio-cultural issues, pre-law and public relations. Graduates of interdisciplinary studies program may embark on a variety of career opportunities that include law, education, public relations and social services.

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (BA-IntS)

This four-year course allows students to study diplomacy among the states in the world. The students of this program will acquire the fundamental analytic skills and key intellectual concepts necessary to be critical analysts of international affairs. Students apply their analytic skills to explore substantive issues from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives through the discussion of themes centered on environment, political and economic aspects of globalization, human rights, peace and conflict, security, and international law. In addition, students gain an expertise in a set of issues faced by Asia and other regions, and those on transnational boundaries. Graduates in this program may land in business, law, journalism, foreign service, work in non-governmental organizations (both domestic and international), or other advanced degree or specialty.

Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies (BAELS)

The English program provides a comprehensive study of the English language and literature including speech analysis and speech writing. The program focuses on the appreciation of truth, beauty and refinement through contact with the classical as well as modern ideas and personalities in literature. This program is an ideal preparatory course for law, linguistics and other professional fields.