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Sibika at Kultura

Sibika at Kultura


As part of a Filipino University, the Social Studies Department aims:

1. to make the students emulate desirable Filipino values and ideals exemplified by the Filipino martyrs and heroes;

2. to develop awareness of their own cultural and social ability and identity which are distinct from other foreign cultural influences;

3. to enhance the sense of nationhood by taking pride in their heritage;

4. to develop environmental awareness and be committed to conserve and utilize the natural resources and economic wealth that God has given the Filipinos as a nation; and

5. foster an awareness of the oral, political, economic and social problems of contemporary Filipino society.

As part of a Secondary Preparatory School, the Social Studies Department aims:

1. to provide pattern and experience of study that will serve as a foundation for specialization at a later stage of education of the students. At the early stages, students are made familiar with the basic knowledge of various disciplines; and

2. to form in the students the habit of constructive and critical thinking about the social, political, and cultural conditions, prevalent in the local, national and global communities.

As part of a Catholic University , the Social Studies Department aims:

1. to inculcate in the students the Christian teachings and traditions which are manifested in their own cultural, social political life; and

2. to manifest openness and understanding in dealing with people belonging to different religions in their country.

As part of a Jesuit University Social Studies the Department aims:

to impart to the students the value of love, unselfish concern, and involvement with their fellowmen in the promotion of justice and service of the faith within the Filipino social, cultural, and political community.