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Leave with Pay

Sick Leave

Full-time faculty and staff are entitled to a 15-day  sick leave credit per school year.  A sick leave is only for personal illness or injury.  The school may, at its discretion, require a medical certificate for sick leaves covering three or more consecutive working days.

Full-time contractual staff are given sick leave with pay accordingly.


1-3 months contract           =          4.0 days
4-5 months  contract          =          6.0 days
6 months contract              =          7.5 days
7-8 months contract           =          9.0 days
9-10 months                       =          12.0 days
11-12 months                     =          15.0 days

Guidelines for computation related to sickness benefit of faculty:

Full-time College Faculty – 60 periods per academic year


Part-time College Faculty:


18 units                       – 27 periods per semester

12 units                       – 18 periods per semester

9 units                         – 13.5 periods per semester

6 units                         – 9 periods per semester

3 units                         – 4.5 periods per semester


Equivalent period

MWF                           – 1.0 period

TTh                              – 1.5 period


·        Procedure:


–          Secure sick leave form at HRADO

–          See the school clinic for signature of the authorized personnel

–          Part II of the sick leave form should be accomplished before securing signature of  unit/office head

–          Return to HRADO for signature of HRADO Director

–          College faculty members are required to accomplish the Faculty Absence Form available at the office of the Academic Vice President  for absence of less than two (2) days.  For absence of ore than two (2) days, the form is available at the HRADO Office.



Vacation Leave

·        The school entitles regular full-time employees, except faculty,  to an annual vacation leave of fifteen (15) workdays per school year,  Vacation leave credits are earned at the rate of one and one-fourth (1.25) workdays per month of service.

·        The first vacation leave becomes available at the second year of employment for service staff and on the second year of probation for academic staff.  Employees are encouraged to take their annual vacation by using their vacation leave all at once (during summer) or on a staggered schedule.  Unused vacation leaves must be scheduled and consumed within the school year after they have been earned.  In instances where vacation leave credits cannot be availed of because of circumstances in the office, a maximum of 7.5 days of the unused  leaves may be converted to cash at the end of the school year.  However, conversion to cash of unused vacation leave credits is generally discouraged.

·        Subject to the approval of the unit/department head, a personal leave may be charged to the vacation leave credits of an employee.  Vacation leave schedules shall take into consideration both the employee’s preference and the office’s needs.  As much as possible, vacation leaves must be scheduled in advance.  The application should indicate the inclusive dates of the leave period, and should be filed and processed before the leave begins.  The Leave Application form is available at HRADO.

·        Full-time permanent faculty members may go on vacation leave only during official vacation periods such as:  Christmas break, semestral break and summer break.

·        Procedure for filing of vacation leave:

–          Secure the leave form at HRADO.

–          Leave information or part II of the form should be accomplished before approval of the HRADO Director.

–          Form should be approved by the unit/office head and returned to HRADO for approval of HRADO Director.

Emergency Leave


Full time faculty and staff may be allowed an emergency leave with pay for a maximum of seven 7 days for the following reasons:


Serious illness, accident or death of a member of the immediate family (father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter), occasions when the presence of the concerned employee elsewhere is needed as required by law and as indicated by pertinent documents.


Form for Emergency Leave is available at the HRADO.




Doctor’s Certification for Serious Illness

Photocopy of Death certificate for death of family member

Photocopy of subpoena for presence required by law

Full time contractual staff are given emergency leave with pay accordingly:


1-3 months contract               =          2.0 days

4-5 months  contract              =          3.0 days
6 months contract                   =          4.0 days

7-8 months contract               =          5.0 days

9-10 months                            =          6.0 days

11-12 months                          =          7.0 days



–          Secure leave form at the HRADO.

–          Leave information or Part II of the form should be accomplished before approval of the Director.

–          Form should be approved by the unit/office head and returned to HRADO for approval of the HRADO Director.


Study Leave

Any faculty member who is sent by the school on full time study receives his/her full monthly salary.

Official Leave

Forms are available at the HRADO. Requirements are as follow:

–    a photocopy of the letter of invitation from the sponsoring agency or any supporting documents must be attached to the Leave Form

–   Must submit Meeting/Seminar /Workshop Report three (3) days after return.

1.  Attach the used plane ticket
2.  Photocopy of certificate of attendance / completion