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Proper housekeeping is one of the essentials of safety. It also helps maintain pleasant and efficient working conditions. This is everyone’s responsibility. Here are some reminders:

1. Keep work places reasonably neat. Arrange furniture, equipment, folders, and accessories in an orderly manner.

2. Go through files and other records periodically; keep inactive files in storage boxes, and discard unnecessary materials.

3. Report to supervisor any needed repairs on furniture or equipment, and any hazardous conditions in the work places.

4. Have air conditioning units operated or adjusted only by authorized personnel.

5. If meals or snacks are taken at the lounge or work place, tidy up the place afterwards, disposing of leftovers and trash properly. Keep empty soft drink bottles out of the way in properly designated places.

6. Keep common facilities (e.g. corridors, kitchenettes, lounges, washrooms, storage areas) clean and free of unnecessary materials (e.g., old newspapers, bottles, boxes) through periodic cleanups.

7. At the end of each workday:

  • put away work papers, tools, etc;
  • lock important drawers and cabinets:
  • turn-off and cover electrical/electronic equipment;
  • turn-off lights and air conditioning units;
  • lock door upon leaving