As part of the university’s commitment to conserve the environment and promote sustainable development all faculty and staff as well as students are enjoined to espouse “greener” attitudes and practices.  The following are recommended:

  1. Use ADZU webmail and the MyADZU portal to view memos, announcements, and other official communications.
  2. Use the MyADZU portal for official transactions such as application of leaves, pay slips, attendance verification, job requests, etc.
  3. For faculty, use e-class for instructional support and communications.
  4. Practice proper solid waste management.
  5. Use recycled paper for office transactions that are not yet available online.
  6. Reduce the use of plastics and avoid bringing inside the campus and using Styrofoam materials.
  7. Bring your own food and drinks containers for take-out food and drinks from the cafeteria.