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Faculty and Staff Development Program

The Faculty and Staff Development Program of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University is the institutionalized activity of the school for the professional development of its faculty and staff. For the academic personnel, whether teaching or not, the goal is to get them to earn graduate degrees: MAs for those with bachelor’s degrees and PhDs for those who already have master’s degrees. For the service staff, the goal is enhancement of skills for greater competence and efficiency on the job. The program focuses only on the development of teaching and work competencies because other programs in the school attend to the spiritual and psychological development of the employees.

Procedure for Formal Studies

The Unit /Department assesses its needs.
It identifies the teacher(s) to be nominated to the President.
Evaluation is made by the President and a decision is arrived at.
The grantee works with the Faculty and Staff Development Coordinator to choose a school, work out a study program or schedule, and other details of the grant.
The contract is signed.

New Faculty and Staff Development Program

The new Faculty and Staff Professional Development Program is limited to obtaining graduate degrees. Faculty and Staff who are currently doing graduate studies will use the old program. It builds on existing practices of our university with new attractions
Increased ceiling for thesis/dissertations allowance – P20,000.00 for MS/MA; P50,000 for doctoral dissertations Increased monthly board and lodging allowance of P7,500 (Manila) and P6,000 (outside of Manila and Zamboanga)
Ownership of personal computer through a loan
Increased book allowance to P1,000.00