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English Department


As part of a Filipino University, the English Department aims:

1. to develop and cultivate among the students desirable values of the Filipino cultural heritage and to arouse in them the love for beauty; and

2. to develop the appreciation and respect for other cultures and thus enable them to appreciate the richness of their own heritage.

As part of a Secondary Preparatory School, the English Department aims:

1. to develop in the learners the listening, speaking, reading, and writing competencies which are important aspects of communication;

2. to train the child the ability to think, to judge, to make decision, to speak, and to write correctly and effectively;

3. to broaden and improve interest and taste in reading; and

4. to encourage critical analysis of ideas.

As part of a Catholic University, the English Department aims:

1. to cultivate in the students concern for others and the practice of generosity to their fellowmen as well as to manifest their commitment to social justice through the integration of values in the reading subjects and in the theme writing;

2. to develop in the students the traditional skills in speaking and writing (eloquentia perfecta) through varied activities that include elocution (choral and individual), discussions, role playing, paragraph development and other writing exercise;

3. to sharpen their abilities and communicative skills in order to respond creatively and function effectively as instruments of God in the service of others; and to make students realize that the world is basically good because God created it and they can make it a better place because God is working through them.