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ADZU Program for Advanced Students (ADZPFAST)

ADZU Program for Advanced Students (ADZPFAST)


The Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School employs a heterogeneous system of sectioning its students. In all levels and in all sections, there are top students – top 5 or 6 who are advanced or above all the rest in the group in the particular subject area. These generally are “self-starters” or well-motivated students who can do so much work on their own or as part of a group with minimal direction or guidance from a teacher.

In the light of Jesuit precept, Cura Personalis Alumnorum (personal care for alumnae) the Ateneo de Zamboanga Program for advanced students (ADZPFAST) is deemed to take care of this urgent concern. Through this program, these advanced students are provided with opportunities and challenges to do their best, get the work beyond their own capabilities to expand their skills and horizons and to give them the chance to achieve excellence to be of greater service to others.


The Ateneo de Zamboanga Grade School is a Jesuit School Ignatian in spirit, this community of men and women for others is committed to provide personal care for its students toward academic excellence, a preferential (though not exclusive) love for the poor, and the witnessing to justice in the service of the faith for the greater glory of God and country – – Pro Deo Et Patria

The ADZPFAST, a program for the advanced students in the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School is an integral part of this commitment. The program is designed to challenge the advanced students in English, Science and Mathematics through a multidimensional teaching approach involving special curricula, the enrichment and acceleration of course contents.


The ADZPFAST is a special program that is purposive in nature. It is designed to supplement, enrich or accelerate the course contents of the regular Science, Math and English curricula. It is meant to take care of the top or advanced students in grade V and VI classes specifically in Science, Math and English. This program is directly under the supervision of the department chairs of the three subject areas.

The Scheme of the Program

1. Students for the ADZPFAST are identified through the results of the   CEM tests and the grades of the previous year in the specified area.

2. The average of the CEM results and the previous grade will be the basis for the selection.

3. They are the top five students in the grade level in the particular subject area.

4. They will not receive points in consideration for academic honors.

5. They will not be exempted from their regular classes.

6. They will meet their teachers regularly.

7. They will be provided individual as well as group activities.

8. They will be asked to do research work.

9. They will be asked to serve in the area where they excel as peer teachers of the students who need help,  either during the class or after the class depending upon the need.

10. They can be handled as one big group (e.g. a group of grade five and a group of grade six students) or smaller groups (e.g. Science, Math and English) group.

11. The program begins after the 1st quarter.

Scope of the Program

1. To recognize unique talents of individuals in the area.

2. To provide differentiated programs in the three areas.

3. To develop a keen sense of responsibility.

4. To assist in the individual’s quest for excellence to be of greater service to others.

Ultimate Objectives

1. To demonstrate growth in academic achievement and skills

commensurate with the anticipated achievement of the objective in

each area.

2. To increase ability to summarize, plan logically, and carry out

independently an in-dept study, which is relevant to the individual.

3.  To exhibit leadership characteristic appropriate to his age and level.

4.  To serve other students.