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Who We Are and What is our Vision

Ateneo de Zamboanga University Center for Leadership and Governance is a
training center that assists and strengthens capacities of governance
institutions and their civil society counterparts for further development
objectives, policies and programs that ensures effective service delivery.

leadership and human development center that will prepare the successor
generations of leaders, administrators and managers for a life of competent,
proactive and dedicated service.

seeks to serve as a credible venue for issue and policy advocacy, and a venue
for dialogue, trust and solidarity building, networking and collaboration,
local benchmarking and interdisciplinary research.

It commits itself to the promotion of competent, responsive,
ethical, committed and engaged leadership and governance anchored on the
principles of conflict transformation, cross-sectoral collaboration and trust
and solidarity building.

Center shall initially offer two (2) core programs:

  1. Governance
    and Leadership Program (GLP)

The program shall provide trainings, workshops and on-site
coaching for government leaders and their partner agencies to ensure enhanced
democratic processes and ensure effective service delivery.

a. Bridging
Leadership Program

The goal of the program is to develop socially responsible
Bridging Leaders who are able to look at a problem, understand its complexity
and develop a collaborative response to address it, in order to reach societal
equity that is sustained by institutions and stakeholders that are transformed
toward greater responsiveness and participation.

Mindanao Bridging Leaders Program Participatory Workshop on January 31, – February 4, 2011 at Linmar Apartelle, Davao City

b. Indigenous
Leadership for Entrepreneurship, Advocacy and Dialogue (I-LEAD)

Provide advance, intense and sustained leadership training program
for those who are serving indigenous communities in economic ventures, public
office, civil society groups, people’s organizations, educational institutions,
cultural movements, environmental management, and peace and human rights

c.Ehem! Sensitivity to

An anticorruption
cultural campaign that makes people more seriously sensitive and bothered by
corruption and be more deeply involved in combating it at the individual, group
and instrumental levels. It uses a tool called, “Ehem! Manual for
Deepening Involvement in Combating Corruption”.

Ehem! Training for Zamboanga City Medical Centeron October 28 – 29, 2010 at Lantaka Hotel

  1. Engaged
    Citizenship and Democracy Building (ECDB)

This program shall be focused on strengthening
democratic dialogue and support for constitutional processes; civil society
empowerment; civic education; voters education; strengthening of political
parties; citizens access to information; and social accountability,
transparency and integrity. The program also aims to strengthen the
understanding of leaders in business and on-government sectors on the unique
dynamics of government in order to facilitate and mainstream popular
participation in governance.

a. I-Citizen

This is a program which provides an avenue for all citizens
(students, government employees, and professionals) to advocate and encourage
other people to promote transparency and accountability in any organization,
institution, agency, bureaucratic institutions, etc. It is also an opportunity
for civic engagement by taking part in governance and in finding solutions and
help to effectively deliver basic services to communities.

“Project Revive” – Conducted a group session on Environmental Awareness for the students of Sta Cruz Island Elementary School