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Walk For A Cause 2013

Walk For A Cause 2013

Charity is the gift one man can give another. It is when we
share a part of ourselves to others who needs its more. The little things in
our life that we may not find important can be what others just need. It is
innately one of human characteristics. Though this is hard to get by but it can
possibly come out from all of us if we learn to look out for people. That is
why the School of Management and Accountancy (SMA) of the Ateneo de Zamboanga
University engages their student to show a little bit of charity through
outreach programs for a certain sector who needs it the most.

For the year 2013, the moderators of Management 205 class
who teach Corporate Social Responsibility came up with, an event that reaches
out to the needy through simple efforts. This event was dubbed “Walk For A
Cause”. It was organized in line with AdZU’s Centennial Celebration with one of
its themes, “Citizenship”, which is to cultivate a sense of responsibility and
sensitivity within the students towards the needs of the less fortunate. The
proceeds from this event were given to St. Francis Orphanage in Pasonanca.

event started at the Sta. Maria Elementary School last March 9, 2013 at about
7:00 am. It was participated by seven Management 205 classes, SMA teachers, and
other people who wanted to help. It was a two-kilometer walk that ended at the
orphanage. The hike finished around 8:00.

it did not end there. The students together with their moderators prepared a
simple program for the children at the orphanage in the form of entertainment
and games. The children participated enthusiastically and the students were
keen on keeping the spirits up during the entire program. It was a day of fun
and excitement for everyone who were there.

the program, the organizers presented school supplies, grocery items, and
monetary donations.

beauty of doing charity is that in the end it feels that you were actually the
one who received something. By giving to others something you do not need, you
receive a feeling of gratitude from that person which is very rewarding. It
usually is not always about the material things we give, it is something much
more. As for the children at the orphanage it was the happiness of being a
child even for only a moment that was truly the gift.