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Violation for which Sanctions are Applied by the Office of the Student Services

Listed below are violations which are referred to the Office of the Student Services and when called for, referred by the Student Services Director to the Disciplinary Board.

1. Repeated violations of rules on haircut, attire and uniform – A warning, benching or a day’s suspension may be imposed, depending on whether the violation is the first, second, or third.

2. Tardiness – Habitual unexcused tardiness from classes 6 times a quarter or more, shall mean or one day suspension depending on the circumstances.

Habitual misbehavior inside the classroom. Depending upon the gravity of the offense, a warning to a suspension may be imposed.

3. Misbehavior aboard the school bus or school vehicle – Depending upon seriousness of each particular case, a sanction from warning to a three-day suspension may be imposed.

4. Academic Dishonesty – The Ateneo regards honesty and integrity as two important values in the development of the students’ character. Therefore, acts of academic dishonesty are regarded as serious offenses and are subject to academic and disciplinary sanctions.

Cheating – Automatically gets the lowest rating 60% in the particular examination or quiz and the lowest rating or D in deportment for the quarter.

Cheating is defined as:

· Possession or using crib notes which may have been written on paper on one’s person, on the student’s chair on instruments used during exam.

· Copying or glancing at another student’s paper

· Holding up of one’s test paper, allowing another student to copy from his/her paper or writing/ answering for another student.

· Giving signals or any form of communication which may be interpreted as giving or soliciting answers during the test.

· Plagiarizing-taking ideas, writings, etc. From another and offering them as one’s own;

· Using any other means or devices, or acting dishonestly during tests/ examinations; and

· Copying assignments, projects, reaction papers, etc.

5. Vandalism, damage, mutilation or destruction of school property

Besides the offender’s responsibility of full reparation to the school property involved, a sanction from 2 to 4 days suspension may be imposed, depending on the gravity of the offense. Quizzes missed by the suspended student will be counted against him.

6. Littering show of irresponsibility smoking, inclusion possession of cigarettes – From one to four days suspension may be imposed, and depending on the offender’s attitude, habituation or flagrancy in committing the offense.

7. Fighting in school and gambling – Any sanction from warning up to three days suspension depending on the gravity of each particular case may be imposed.

8. Misbehavior and truancy – depending upon the gravity of the offense, a sanction from warning to three days suspension may be imposed.
9. Cutting classes – depending on the gravity of the office. Sanction may vary from warning to 2 days suspension. Having any intentional body mark/s (e.g tattoos). Sanction from warning to 1 day suspension.
10. Gross disrespect, insubordination or disobedience to teachers, superiors or school official – Depending upon the gravity of the particular case, any sanction from one to five days suspension may be imposed.

11. Stabbing a classmate using blunt instrument e.g. ball pen, pencil and sharp pointed wood. Sanction for three days suspension from classes.

12. Tampering or falsification of official school documents and deliberate non-delivery of important communication to parents – may mean the imposition of a sanction of a warning to a tree-day.

13. Stealing or extortion – any sanction from warning to five days uspension may be imposed, beside the offender’s responsibility fro full reparation and a sanction of three to seven days suspension may be imposed.

14. Possession and/’ or use of deadly weapons – depending upon the offender’s motives, the sanction that may be imposed would vary from warning to a five suspension to expulsion.

15. Possession/ use of prohibited drugs – depending upon the condition of the case, sanction may vary from suspension to final warning: a second offense may warrant dismissal.

16. Outright prohibited drugs – very serious cases such as pushing prohibited drugs, robbery, and the like mean Outright Separation from the school.

17. Fraternities and Secret Societies – any student who knowingly and by overt acts becomes a member, or remains a member of or recruits prospective members for, any organization or society, whether open or secret, which requires or tolerate acts of violence or affronts to personal dignity in any form on any person as part of initiation rites or of other organization or society activities, shall be dismissed from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School or denied re- enrolment.

18. Possessing, Accessing, Passing/Showing/ bringing of pornographic materials in school.