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Use of Laboratory Computers

The Ateneo de Zamboanga University provides students and faculty with Computer laboratories and Information Technology resources that support learning, discovery, and service. The use of the ADZU Computer Laboratories is a privilege, not a right, and any abuse of ADZU Computer Laboratory Policies or the Computer Use Policies may result in the loss of lab privileges.

Aim and Scope of Policy

The following Computer Lab Policy applies to all users of ADZU Computer Laboratories:

* To identify and protect sensitive or proprietary information and computer applications from unauthorized alteration or disclosure or physical damage, whether deliberate or accidental.
* To protect the Laboratories from serious hardware failures or destruction through appropriate backup procedures and contingency plans to assure continuity of Laboratory operations.
* To prevent the use of University-owned computing and networking resources for unauthorized purposes.
* To provide training to the users, operators and laboratory assistants regarding their responsibilities in protecting these Laboratory assets.

Rules and Guidelines

Rule 1: Users should practice responsible and ethical behavior inside the laboratories

Lab Admins are to be treated with respect and all their instructions are to be followed.

Users must submit their Identification Card (ID) to the Lab Admin upon entering the premises. Anyone caught using the computers with no valid ID will not be allowed to enter the Computer Laboratories for one month.

The Computer Laboratory is a place of work; all users are urged to keep the noise level down to the absolute minimum and to refrain from socializing. Talking loudly and unruly behavior are not allowed.

The one-person, one-machine policy is strictly enforced. Watchers will be asked to leave. No loitering or roaming around the laboratory will be tolerated.

Eating, gum chewing, drinking, or smoking is not allowed in the Computer Laboratories. Anyone caught doing so will be asked to leave and will not be permitted to use the laboratories for one week.

Lab Admin and the Student Assistants who act as deputies have the right to call the attention of any users whose actions are disruptive to or destructive of the atmosphere of study in the Computer Laboratories. They can send any user out and file the necessary disciplinary action.

When leaving the laboratory, users are expected to clean the work areas by removing all papers, disks, books, and other personal items.

Rule 2: Users should use the computers properly for legitimate purposes.

Lab equipment and facilities should be used with utmost care. Abuse or mishandling of equipment is strictly prohibited.

The Computer Laboratories’ computers may not be used for chatting, recreational games or viewing sites which are inconsistent with the vision and mission of the school. These sites include pornographic sites, racist sites and other sites, which advocate the violation of human rights.

Users playing computer games or engaging in non-constructive activity will be asked to give way to others who are waiting to use the machines for University-related assignments or projects.

The installation of any software in a lab computer is prohibited unless a written request by the user is approved by the Lab Admin and the IT Director.

A student caught altering the configuration of a computer or its software will be asked to restore the computer’s configuration to its original setting. If the student cannot restore the configuration, he / she will not be permitted to use the Computer Laboratories for three weeks.

As a courtesy to other users, please do not leave your workstation unattended for more than fifteen minutes. Any machine not attended to by a user for more than fifteen minutes is considered available to other users who wish to use it.

Rule 3: Users should use their accounts properly.

In an effort to provide the ADZU community with more stable and available computing resources, users are required to log on to the computers using the account given to them by the Lab Assistant.

A student who uses somebody else’s network account will not be allowed to use the Computer Laboratories’ computers for one month. The account often used will also be disabled for one month.

The Center reserves the right to erase user files which interfere with the correct operation of the network. It also reserves the right to erase files which are suspected to be in violation of the Intellectual Property Rights Law.

User files saved in the local hard drives of the computers will be erased.

A fine of P30.00 will be charged to restore a forgotten password. A fine of P30.00 will also be charged to re-activate an account, which was disabled due to the user’s negligence in applying a suitable password.

Rule 4: Use the printers appropriately.

Wait for your turn to print. There is no need to overcrowd the printer area. Procedures are provided for network printing.

The printing of graphics and large fonts requires prior permission from and payment to the Laboratory Assistant. To minimize any misunderstanding, please check the respective rates before printing.

Rule 5: Report malfunctioned units to the Lab Admin

Users are encouraged to report any malfunction of the computers or their associated peripherals to the laboratory assistants as soon as they notice them.

Damage, which is not due to reasonable wear or tear, will be charged against the account of the user. The Center also reserves the right to file a disciplinary action against the user.

Rule 6: Observe laboratory schedules and follow the policies carefully.

Before any lab closes, the Lab Admin in charge will give a ten-minute warning. During this period, lab users are expected to print and save what they are doing, and log off the network.

Users who violate Computer Laboratory Policies or Computer Use Policies will be asked to leave the Computer Laboratory.

Repeated or serious violations of Computer Lab Policies or General Use Policies will be reported to the Dean of Student Affairs and could result in the loss of computer lab privileges.

Laboratory Procedures

A. Network Printing

For regular printing, select the printer number assigned to each computer.

1. Go to the File menu.
2. Choose Print. The print dialog box will appear. Select the appropriate printer in the printers’ text box.

For laser and colored printing, ask for the assistance of the laboratory in-charge.

1. Save your file(s) in the appropriate directory ex. \\18bcl\ if you are using the Basic lab and \\40acl\ for the Advanced lab.

2. The Lab Admin will inform you if your printing job is finished.

B. Log-on and Log-Off

Once you enter the lab, present your ID to the student-assistant. Don’t forget to get your ID from the student-assistant when you leave the laboratory.

C. Email Use

You may use any of the email system you prefer such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and others.

D. Access Hours

Each student is given maximum number of 30 hours of computer use in any of the computer facilities of the school. If the student has a computer lab fee, the appropriate additional hours will be given for him/her. Every time a student wishes to use the computers, the equivalent rate is deducted from the total number of hours given to him/her in a semester.