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Updating Our ADZU Website

16 February 2010




Many people have informed me that some of our website entries are very useful. I thank these offices/units whose website entries are updated, useful and interesting. Nonetheless, many units and offices are not updated in their entries. Right now, our monthly average is rather low at only 400 unique viewers.

The CITS web team has revised features and mechanisms to improve our website. These efforts, however, will not go far if our site does not contain fresh, updated and interesting news from your units and offices. Information, whether text, photos or graphics, is the draw.

To build up the buzz that draws website clicks, I am asking all units/offices to make an extra effort to frequently:

  1. submit news articles (text and/or photos) to the web team. Such items may be about the events in your office or about programs you are participating in or conducting, or about something you want to announce,
  2. prompt your office/unit point person on submission of website entries, and
  3. update content of your minisite.

The CITS web team has conducted three workshops to train office/unit point persons on basic news writing and on uploading content to the web. For more information on this, call the CITS web team at 2285.

Friendly reminders will be sent to your office/unit if compliance on your part is low.

I thank you all for your cooperation and compliance.

For your information.

See attached Web Guidelines


Antonio F Moreno SJ

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