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University Sound Use Guidelines

University Sound Use Guidelines

guidelines are to provide information to organizers (AdZU office faculty and
staff, student clubs and organizations) who wish to hold large scale campus
activities such as concerts, variety shows, sports events or any activity that
uses extensive sound augmentation systems that may disturb the peace, comfort,
or repose of any AdZU community member, neighbor or visitor.


sound is defined as any electrically supported equipment or technology that
increases the volume of any sound.

Request to use augmented sound must be submitted (at least 21 days before the
event) in writing to the Physical Plant Office (PPO)

a. Use of augmented sound

Must be approved in advance by the Director of Physical Plant Office (PPO)

            • Is restricted to the
AdZU Backfield and Multi-Purpose Covered Courts.

           • Should only be
augmented to an adequate and appropriate level for the intended audience
and venue as determined by the University under time, place and manner.

b. In general, augmented sound is
NOT permitted during regular class hours as well as one (1) week before and
during Midterm and Final Examinations.

                        Regular Class Hours:
7:30am to 7:30pm; Mondays to Fridays

                        Sundays through Saturdays
– between the hours of 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

c. Sound
system provider/contractor will be allowed to enter the campus at least one day before the event provided that they
get a clearance from the PPO.

d. Sound check may only be done during activity hour (3-4pm- M-W-F) regardless of
the time of the event

 e. Augmented sound which disrupts or clashes with the functioning or operation of
is prohibited.

f. The
organizer should arrange to distribute advance notices to Office of Student Affairs,
Jesuit Residence, nearby residential
buildings and offices to alert people of the date, time, venue, and program of the activity.

g. The
PPO shall address unreasonable sound, meaning, excessive or unusually loud
sound that may disturb the peace, comfort,
or repose of a reasonable person.

    • During the planning of
an event, potential sound levels, especially where augmented
sound is
involved, shall be reviewed with the organizers/sponsors.

h. The
PPO personnel has the right to control the volume levels or discontinue any
augmented sound that is deemed disruptive or
potentially hazardous to the surrounding community, official
university activities, facilities, students, faculty, or staff.

i. Violation or failure to comply with any of the provisions above shall mean
cancellation of the event.

Download the Application Form for Augmented Sound Permit Here