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Toward a Greener AdZU

03 June 2011




As part of our commitment to conserve our environment and promote sustainable development, we will be initiating mechanisms to use less and less of paper in our communications and transactions.  For a start, university-wide memos and announcements will be posted through our AdZU Webmail and  We are exploring ways to put in place official electronic transactions such as Leaves, Pay Slips, Job Requests, Supply Requisitions, Reservations of Transportation and Facilities and other related transactions. In some quarters of the university where access to email is very limited for some reasons, memos and announcements will be printed out.

To this end, I am requiring the administrators, faculty and staff of the AdZU community to use the AdZU Webmail and/or (My AdZU) to view memos and announcements intended for the Ateneo community.  Both icons of the AdZU Webmail and MyAdZU appear at the upper right hand side of the AdZU Website (  The students can access these through

I further ask our administrators, faculty, staff and students to use their email account (rather than hotmail, yahoo, gmail and other personal email accounts) when communicating official email to recipients within and outside of AdZU.  If the content of the email is personal, private and non-official, I ask that other email accounts (not can be used by the sender.  Needless to say, we continue to use printed official letters if appropriate and necessary.  Initially, we aim to reduce our use of paper by 50% at the end of this SY 2011-12.

I ask that those who have not activated their email account and should call or visit the Center for Information Technology Services (CITS), local 2285 for more details.  For the month of June, I ask that we activate our email account and MyAdZU, begin implementing this new arrangement, monitor and evaluate this scheme.  In the same period, we will still continue printing memos and announcements while people are activating their account and MyAdZU.  By 01 July, printed memos/announcements will no longer be distributed.  These will be first forwarded to Ms Marievic C Montaño, Assistant to the President, (, for review.

The President’s memos can also be accessed at the right hand side of our website.

Soon we will be re-launching our Solid Waste Management Program.  In the long term strategic goal, we will be seeking ways to enable AdZU to apply for environmental accreditation by an external environmental accrediting body.

Since this is a work in progress, we will be evaluating from time to time our initiatives to make AdZU greener and environmentally friendly.

I thank you all for your cooperation and compliance.

Antonio F Moreno SJ

Memo: 11-12:03