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Thieft Break In Losses



1.     As soon as you notice or discover that something is “unusual” or “missing” in your office premises, cordon the area, do not allow anyone to touch anything, REPORT immediately to the USO or any security personnel.

2.     USO will immediately call the police for proper investigation.

3.     As a matter of policy, declaration of loss or damage to property must be reported in writing within 24 to 48 hours after the incident or discovery

4.     Security guards on duty are required to conduct an initial investigation and to submit a spot report but without preempting or compromising the police investigation.

5.     Complainant must be available to answer questions from the investigators

6.     USO will immediately inform the president and Assistant to the President for administration, Property Custodians Office.

7.     Accountability on Losses and damage to property.

a.     No cash shall be kept in the offices except for those offices authorized to keep Petty cash.

b.     All cash collections or disbursements must be turned over to the Finance office.

c.     The University shall not be held liable for any loss of cash, including petty cash in the offices.

d.     All employees are responsible for their personal belongings in the workplace including all office supplies, equipment and facilities under the jurisdiction of the office.

e.     USO will conduct an investigation to determine the extent of accountability or liability (negligence, lapses, etc.) by personnel or office concerned resulting in damage or loss to university property.  Findings and recommendations will be forwarded to the President, VP for Administration and HRADO for proper action.

f.      USO to recommend to the President on the immediate courses of action to take to prevent the reoccurrence of the incident or to protect further loss or damage to university property.  

g.     Based on the findings of the case, administrative charges, complaints, and proceedings against personnel shall be coursed through HRADO following the ADZU administrative manual and the principles of the right to due process.