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Theater Arts Club




Each person is born a unique individual; an individual gifted with a unique talent. This talent can be best harnessed and appreciated if used and shared with others.

To provide a wide open door to individuals with this ability and to allow them to display their talents, the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School conceived and organized a club, which will specially develop students in the field of drama.

The organization of this club therefore, will be an opportunity and venue for students who are interested in acting, singing, dancing and/or interpreting artistic pieces. Through some activities that will be conducted, they will be given opportunities to actualize and polish their talents. Through this club, they will have the chance to serve others through actual participation in school activities such as school programs, school production or cultural shows.


The dramatics club aims to:

1. develop the students’ talents and skills in the areas of acting, dancing, singing and interpreting dances;

2. appreciate Filipino cultural heritage by patronizing Filipino songs, dances and plays;

3. develop the value of patriotism and preserve Filipino songs, dances and plays;

4. develop the skills of creativity in displaying and interpreting ones talent in dancing, singing and acting; and

5. develop in its members the attitude of confidence and responsibility.


1. Registration and organization of the club

2. Exposure to production and cultural show

3. Exposure to other dramatics clubs or organizations from other units and schools

4. Attendance to workshops on creative movements and other related body movements, feelings and emotions and facial expressions

5. Role play

6. Lecture sessions

7. Film viewing sessions

8. Participation in a one-act-play



Every Tuesday … 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

John Paolo G Ibay

Grades 1 – 3


Ria Paula G Vicente

Grades 4 – 6