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The 70th Congregation of Procurators and University OIC

09 June 2012



Thank you so much for your gifts, warm greetings, best wishes and prayers on the occasion of my birthday.  Indeed God has been so gracious to me.

On 22 June until 16 July, I will be away to participate in the 70th Congregation of Procurators in Nairobi, Kenya.  During the Philippine Province Congregation of the Jesuits on 12 – 15 September 2011, the 52-member congregation elected me to represent the Philippine Province for this meeting in Nairobi.  The mandate given me was to write a report to Father General on the state of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus.  The work entailed consultation and visitation of Jesuit communities and individuals since last year.  In the Congregation of Procurators, Father General will discuss the state of the universal Society of Jesus based on the reports submitted by the Procurators among other things.  The same Congregation will vote whether or not there is need to convene the General Congregation, the highest legislative body of the Society of Jesus.

The hosting of this Congregation of Procurators outside of Europe is historically significant.  Since the founding of the Society of Jesus, the Congregations of Procurators have always been held in Europe, mostly in Rome.

Our meeting in Nairobi (9 – 15 July) will be preceded by an 8-day retreat where Father General will meet each Procurator in regard to the State of the Province report submitted to him.  Eighty-four (84) Procurators are expected to attend the meeting together with Father General and the General Counselors.

In my absence, Dr Rebecca V Fernandez will be the University OIC.  She will be assisted by Br Raymund E Belleza SJ, Ms Maria Victoria C Montaño and Engr Aldrina A Hitalia.  Given my limited internet access, matters that need my attention should be coursed to Dr Fernandez so that some appropriate action can be done.  I thank her and the caretaker team for their availability and generous service.

I ask your prayers for me and for this important event in the life of the Society of Jesus worldwide. Please be assured likewise of my prayers and best wishes.

With gratitude and prayers.

Antonio F Moreno SJ

Memo: 12-13:02