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Task Force A(H1N1)

17 June 2009



The swine flu virus A(H1N1) continues to spread throughout the Philippines.  While there’s still no official word that it has reached Zamboanga City, we continue to remain vigilant, cautious and informed about ways and means of dealing with it.  To help the AdZU administration come to grips with this issue, I am creating a team named “Task Force A(H1N1)”.  The Task Force is composed of the following:  Dr Edwina D Cabato (team leader), Dr Rex V Samson from the School of Medicine, Ms Ma Lourdes C Follero from the College of Nursing, Ms Stella C Delantar from the University Clinic, and Mr Francis H Arroyo from the Social Development Cluster.  Effective immediately, the Task Force is mandated to do the following:

  1. advise the AdZU community regarding guidelines on dealing with the flu virus A(H1NI),
  2. recommend to me preventive measures, strategies and protocol the university must adopt to make our campus and academic community safe from A(H1N1) virus,
  3. consult our local DOH, our health professionals (SOM doctors and nurses) regarding new A(H1N1) advisory,
  4. facilitate information campaign for our academic community,
  5. coordinate university-wide efforts on preventing and containing the spread of A(H1N1) virus, and
  6. do all of the above in regard to preventing and dealing with dengue cases.

I thank the members of the Task Force for their availability and competent service to our academic community.

For the information and guidance of our community.


Antonio F Moreno SJ

Memo: 09-10:04