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Synergy: Ateneo Leadership Camp

Student leaders, formators, and the Office of Student Affairs
came together for a two-and a half-day Ignatian Leadership Camp at Harmony
Village in Pitogo last July 28-30, 2017.

Dubbed as Synergy: The Ateneo Leadership Camp 2017, participants
of this event were Presidents of accredited student organizations in the
university. It also had some alumni of the Ateneo Student Leaders Assembly
(ASLA) as guest participants.

camp started with a session entitled My Principle Leadership and Foundation. It
targeted to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students in their
capacity as student leaders. It was followed by a string of activities aimed at
improving and strengthening group dynamics and inter-organization “synergy”, as
it was aptly themed. It is the aim of the camp
to bring about more participation from the student body; an involvement
that goes beyond being socially responsive and a conscious and active effort of
collaborating with one another in achieving the goal of serving the community

Brother Edryan Paul Colmenares, SJ ran the program. A group of
faculty, staff, and student facilitators assisted him during break-out sessions
and small group discussions.

In an interview with OSA Director Christine V Calunod, she
states that it is through the initiative of the University President Fr Karel
San Juan SJ that the Ignatian Leadership Camp was made possible. “Father Karel envisions that through
this camp, the school can form more leaders imbibed with Ignatian values at the
same time working together to achieve the common goal of being men and women
for others.”

The camp ended with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist
presided over by Fr President, who had photo ops with the participants after.