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Students Participate in the Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees Consultation

Students Participate in the Tuition
and Miscellaneous Fees Consultation

A tuition fee and miscellaneous fee consultation for the
tertiary level, graduate school, and college of law was held on February
12,2013 at the Carlos Dominguez Conference Hall. The said consultation started
at exactly 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

This consultation is an avenue for the finance office to
publicize and explain the distribution of the miscellaneous and tuition fees as
well as to answer and address the concerns of the students regarding the said
matter.  The main speaker of the said consultation was Bro. Raymund
Belleza, SJ as he is the Assistant to the President for Admin and Finance. Fr.
Antonio Moreno SJ, the university president, also gave a talk during the
consultation. Dr. Rebecca V. Fernandez, the Academic Vice President, was also
there during the consultation.

Approximately 40 students attended the said
consultation.  Although this is still a few number, Fr. Antonio Moreno, SJ
is happy that the number of students interested for consultation increased
compared to last year. Several concerns were raised by students from different
departments during the consultation. Adriel  EarlToribio, the president of
El Consejo Atenista , was also present in the event to raise some questions
concerning the student body.  One issue that was tackled was the athletics
fee particularly, the issue on sports equipment and its availability to the
students. According to Toribio, some students have raised concerns that they
want to borrow equipment from the Physical Education Department but they could
not because they are not enrolled in a Physical Education class. Toribio also
raised concerns regarding the conduciveness for learning of the classrooms
currently available in the campus. Toribio said that students are suffering
because of the heat inside classrooms. Another concern was raised by Mumar
Ibbin , a Mass Communication student, regarding the salary of teachers in the
Ateneo de Zamboanga University. He believes that teachers’ salary should be
given importance. Another concern was raised by Kelvin Culajara, a Bachelor of
Science in Accountancy student, regarding the use of the computer laboratory
and the issue on laboratory fees has been brought up. According to Bro. Raymund
Belleza SJ, if a student or class feels that they have been short changed in
any way, feel free to approach him or report the matter to his office.

Many other concerns regarding miscellaneous fees, laboratory
fees, athletics feewere discussed and cleared out during the open forum.