Dr Ian Ray Caluscusin is one of the main neurosurgeons who led the first awake craniotomy operation at the East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC) at Quezon City, Manila.

Awake craniotomy is a delicate and challenging procedure wherein the patient is kept conscious and alert throughout the process. It is primarily done to perform brain mapping for the removal of tumors, lesions and other damaged areas of the brain.

Caluscusin is part of the 2010 batch of graduates produced by the AdZU School of Medicine. He will be completing his senior year of residency training at the Makati Medical Center on April 2022.

Caluscusin chose to stay in the country to dedicate his knowledge and expertise for the betterment of his fellow countrymen.

AdZU SOM’s innovative curriculum, mentorship and keen instruction truly molded a fine health specialist – one with a strong sense of excellence and Ignatian service.In these trying times, we need Ateneans to go forth to where they are most needed.

Seeing our Eagles fly to such heights and finding their place in the world is always a proud and joyful moment for us. “I am where I am right now because God placed me in AdZU SOM. I will forever be grateful,” Caluscusin said in a message to one of his mentors.

Photo credits: Nerisse Isabella Siazon