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Social Involvement Month (ALAB 2011)

What is SIMO?
Social Involvement Month, popularly known as SIMO, showcases a series of activities geared towards exposing the community to social realities in the goal of inculcating in them the desire for selfless social involvement and service. For the whole month, alternative classes, concerts, exposure trips, education and information campaigns and seminars, among others, are conducted for the whole community. It is annually held during the month of September.

SIMO 2011
This 2011, the theme “Alab” is proposed to correspond with the Year of Citizenship theme, “Ateneo, Duyan ka ng Magiting”, in line with the Centennial Jubilee Celebration of the Ateneo in 2012.
With “Alab” as the main fuel of this year’s SIMO Celebration, there is a hope for every part of the Ateneo family to rekindle the fire in their hearts. That this fire was never out only this time, it will transform into a flame of a more active social commitment.
As individuals gifted with excellence, powered by a firm spirituality and the principle of an engaged citizenship, SIMO will be a ground for anticipation, na lalong “paigtingin ang alab ng puso ng bawat Atenista” at “buhayin ang muling pagliyab ng apoy ng pakikibahagi sa isip, sa salita, at sa gawa.”

SIMO Activities
Every activity will be geared up towards SIMO’s main goal of increased social awareness and more engaged Ateneans through innovative approaches. This year’s SIMO will feature four main events:

SIMO Grand Opening ———————- 02 September 2011
Environment Week ————————- September 19-24, 2011
Klase Ibang Klase or KLIK! ————– September 23-24, 2011
SIMO Culminating Event —————— 28 September 2011

Klase Ibang Klase or KLIK! 2011
It has been a SIMO tradition to expose students into a novel approach to social involvement projects. SACSI, as its sponsoring office, offers a variety of alternative classes not only to bring the students out of the conventional classroom-lecture set-up but also to provide them with a bunch of unforgettable experiences that allows the students, as well as teachers, to open their eyes and hearts unto the social realities outside the four corners of the room and unto their equivalent social responsibilities.
This year, KLIK! will be open for all second year college students. Enrolment will start on September 12, 2011, Monday at eight o’clock in the morning and will close at September 18, 2011, Sunday at 12 midnight. All second year students will choose their class and reserve their slot online. Classes are available at the ADZU official website upon the opening of the enrolment.