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SMA Faculty and Staff

OfficeLocal No.
Secretary, Office of the President1002
Conference Room, Office of the President1003
Executive Assistant, Office of the President1001
Internal Auditor, Office of the President1005
Assistant for Quality Assurance & Leadership Dev’t, Office of the President2009
Advancement Office (Assistant for Analytics & Planning, Rebuilding), Office of the President1017
VP for Higher Education2200
Staff/Secretary, VP for Higher Education2201
Assistant to the VP for Higher Education2202
VP for Basic Education 3400 /3043
VP for Administration2208
Secretary, VP for Administration2209
Assistant to the VP for Administration1006
Administrator, Alerto2020
Staff, Alerto2022
Director, Alumni Relations Office4600
Staff, Alumni Relations Office4601
Director, Ateneo Center for Culture & Arts (ACCA)4300
Gallery of the Peninsula & Archipelago (GPA) / Staff, ACCA4301
University Band, ACCA4302
Director / Staff, Ateneo Center for Environment & Sustainability (ACES)1300
Staff/Director, Ateneo Center fof Leadership & Governance (ACLG)1007
Ateneo Peace Institute (API)4201
Ateneo Zamboanga-Mindanao Institute (AZMI)1305
Director, Campus Ministry (CMO)2220
Secretary/Staff, CMO2221
Sacristy / UCSHJ, CMO2227
Admin. Assistant / Coordinator, CEAP, ZAMBASULTAPS1004
Director, Center for Community Extension Services (CCES)1101
Director, Center for Information Technology Services (CITS)2280
Staff, CITS2285
Electronics and Telecomm Section, CITS2284
Network Administrator, CITS2283
Computer Laboratory-1/2, CITS2281
Director, Center for Testing & Measurement (CTM)4402
Secretary/ Staff, CTM4401
Director, College Admission Aid Office2212
Staff, Admission2211
Staff, Aid (Scholarship)2212
Director, College Guidance and Counseling (CGCO)2229
Secretary/Staff, CGCO2223
Direct Line, College of Law
Dean, College of Law3000
Staff, College of Law3001
Library, College of Law3002
Dean, College of Nursing2270
Secretary/Staff,College of Nursing2271
Faculty Room, College of Nursing2271/2274
Nursing Laboratory2272
Nursing Library2273
Campion Lecture Hall, College of Nursing2275
Nursing Review Office2276
Registrar, College Registrar2207
Staff, College Registrar2210
Dean, College of Science Information Technology & Engineering (CSITE)2243
Faculty Room, CSITE2245
Animation Laboratory, CSITE2244
ECE Micro Controller Laboratory, CSITE2247
Mathematics & Stat Laboratory, CSITE2248
Electronics Circuit Laboratory, CSITE2246
Biology/Zoology Laboratory, CSITE2301
Chemistry Laboratory, CSITE2303
Physics Laboratory, CSITE2302
Direct Line, Finance993-2860
Treasurer, Finance1010
Staff, Finance1011
Accountant/Bookkeeper, Finance1013
Cashier, Finance1012
Student Accounts Section, Finance1014
Disbursement, Finance1109
Asst to the President, Formation Office2228
Staff, Formation Office1008
Director, Fr Jose T Bacatan Library2230
Secretary/ Staff, Library2230
Library 2nd Floor, Library2231
Library 3rd Floor, Library2232
Audio Visual Room (3/F LRC)2233
Carlos Dominguez Conference Room2234
LRC Conference Room2235
Multi Media Section2236
Direct Line, Salvador Campus, La Purisima991-2922
Gate 11110/1111
Gate 21112
Gate 31113
Gate 4 Parking Area1114
Gate 61115
Entrance Gate, Kreutz Campus, Tumaga3116
Exit Gate, , Kreutz Campus, Tumaga3117
Principal’s Office, Grade School3500
Assistant Principals (Admin, Academics & Finance), Grade School35501
AP Formation/Campus Ministry Chaplain, , Grade School3513
Admission, Testing & Comm. Office, Grade School3504
AVR, Grade School3602
CITS Server Room, Grade School3580
Computer Laboratory 1, Grade School3603
Computer Laboratory 2, Grade School3604
Conference Room / VP For Basic Ed, Grade School3400
Faculty Room, Grade School3502
Guidance Office, Grade School3503/3512
Infirmary, Grade School3514
Librarian/IMC Coordinator, Grade School3600
Library Staff, Grade School3601
Lobby/Information Counter, Grade School3516
Science Laboratory, Grade School3605
Student Services, Grade School3510
Registrar’s Office, Grade School3511
Assistant to the VP for Higher Ed for Graduate Studies2000
Staff, Graduate Studies Support Services2001
Director, Human Resource Administration and Development Office (HRADO)1040
Secretary/Staff, HRADO1041
Payroll, HRADO1042
Benefits, HRADO4400
Nurse/Staff, Infirmary4800
Faculty Dormitory, Jose Maria Rosauro SJ Formation Hall4700
Student Dormitory, Jose Maria Rosauro SJ Formation Hall4701
Prefect, Jose Maria Rosauro SJ Formation Hall4702
Direct line/Fax, Junior High School (JHS)985-1584
Principal, JHS3100
Secretary, JHS3103
Astt Principal for Academics, JHS3101
Asst Principal for Admin & Finance, JHS3104
Asst Principal for Formation , JHS3705
Admission and Scholarship Officer, JHS3105
Admission and Scholarship Secretary, JHS3112
Audio Visual Room 1, JHS3301
Audio Visual Room 2, JHS3302
Chemistry Lab, JHS3200
Computer Lab, JHS3280
Faculty Workroom, JHS3102
Guidance, JHS3114/3119
Home-School Relation, JHS3606
Infirmary, JHS3106
Librarian, JHS3300
Library Circulation Center, JHS3303
Physics Lab, JHS3206
Social Action/Campus Ministry, JHS3115
Student Activities Office, JHS3107
Student Services (Direct Line), JHS985-0915
Director, JHS3110
Physical Plant Satellite, JHS3108
Purchasing & Custodial Satellite, JHS3284
Registrar, JHS3111
Prefect of Discipline (Direct line), JHS985-0915
Prefect of Discipline , JHS3110
Direct Line, Lantaka Campus993 – 8534
Adminisration, Lantaka Campus600
Ateneo Learning and Teaching Excellence center Altec)608
Ateneo Center for Legal Services (ACLS)606
Clinic, Lantaka Campus607
Entrance Door Gabriela Walstrom Bldg, Lantaka Campus605
Facilitator’s Area, Lantaka Campus610
Front Desk Gabriela Walstrom Bldg, Lantaka Campus604
Front Desk Hilda Walstrom Bldg, Lantaka Campus603
Fabrication Laboratory, Lantaka Campus609
Server Room, Lantaka Campus601
Technology Business Incubator Ofc (TBI), Lantaka Campus611
Security Office, Lantaka Campus602
Director, Office of Student Affairs (OSA)2206
Secretary/Staff, OSA2204/2205
Beacon Newsmagazine/Yearbook, OSA4603
El Consejo Atenista (ECA), OSA4803
Director, Physical Plant Office (PPO)1020
Assistant Director, PPO1019
Secretary/Staff, PPO1021
Auxiliary Services/Transpo, PPO1022
Maintenance Shop, PPO1023
Electrical Section/Electricians, PPO1025
Drivers’ Quarter, PPO1026
PPO Shop/Bodega/Aircon Tech, PPO1027
MPCC Sound System Booth, PPO1028
Quality Assurance & Strategic Management Office (QASMO)2100
Director, Purchasing and Custodial Office (PCO)1030
Staff/Mimeographing Room, PCO1031
Book Section/Extension Office, PCO1032
Warehouse, PCO1033
Admin Office, Sauras Hall4500
Fitness Center (Gym), Sauras Hall4502
Lecture Hall Rm 303, Sauras Hall4503
Guest Room 1, Sauras Hall4504
Guest Room 2, Sauras Hall4505
Guest Room 3, Sauras Hall4506
Dean, School of Education (SeD)2260
Secretary/Staff, School of Education (SeD)2261
Professional Educ Dept, School of Education (SeD)2262
Physical Education, School of Education (SeD)2304
Athletics, School of Education (SeD)2300
Dean, School of Liberal Arts (SLA)2239
Secretary/Staff, SLA2240
Faculty Room, SLA2241
Language Laboratory, SLA2242
Communication Department, SLA2290
Comm Dept Eqpt / Radio/ TV Prod Rm, SLA2291
Dean, School of Management and Accountancy (SMA)2250
Secretary/Staff, SMA2250
Faculty Room, SMA2251
Simulation Room, SMA2251
Direct Line, School of Medicine (SOM)993-1699
Dean, SOM2500
Academic Affairs, SOM2505
Faculty Room, SOM2502
Fr. William H. Kreutz Library, SOM2504
Registrar, SOM2501
Telehealth Office, SOM2503
Center for Health & Behavioral Science, SOM2506
VP for Basic Education, Senior High School (SHS)3031
Asst to the VP Basic Ed for QA, SHS3055
Principal, SHS3043
Assistant Principal for Academics, SHS3032
Assistant Principal for Formation, SHS3036
Assistant Principal for Administration, SHS3045
Secretary/Staff, SHS3033
Faculty Room, SHS3035
Office of the Prefect of Discipline, SHS3034
Registrar’s Office, SHS3037
Admissions/Scholarships, SHS3042
Students’ Activity, SHS3050
Campus Ministry/Social Action, SHS3039
Guidance Office, SHS3038
Biology Laboratory, SHS3047
Physics Laboratory, SHS3046
Chemistry Laboratory, SHS3048
Library, SHS3040
Infirmary, SHS3041
Computer Laboratory, SHS3049
Home & School Relations Office, SHS3055
CCTV Room, SHS3059
Guard (Lobby), SHS3060
Assist. to the Pres for Social Dev’t4000
Staff, SDO4001
Director, Social Awareness & Community Services Involvement (SACSI)2224
Secretary/Staff, SACSI2225
University Archives Office1305
University Chaplain's Office2226
Director, University Communication Office (UCO)2025
Staff, UCO2026
Dean, University Research Office (URO)1200
Secretary, URO1201
Security Chief, University Security Office (USO)1016
Staff, USO1015