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SLA Faculty attend 48th PAP Convention

(from left to right: A. Siason (former ADZU Guidance Director), Dr. A. Arnuco, Dr. C. Concepcion, Ms. A. Sabdilon and Ms. N. Baluca)

Four (4) full time and part time faculty from the School of Liberal Arts (Psychology and Languages Department) attended the 48th Psychological Association of the Philippines Convention in IloIlo City last August 17 – 19, 2011. Dr. Claribel C. Concepcion (Dean), Dr. Aireen B. Arnuco (on personal leave), Ms. Norma A. Baluca (Coordinator for Testing), and Ms. Ailyn V. Sabdilon (Chair, Psychology Department) represented the university in the convention. This year’s theme is “RA 10029: Promoting Excellence in the Practice of Psychology”. Among the highlights of the convention were the plenary sessions on Professionalization of Psychology in the Philippines and the 2-day parallel presentation of researches and studies in the different divisions.

Dr. Arnuco and Dr. Concepcion were both invited to present their studies under the Educational Psychology Division. The study “Acquisition of Case Marking by L1 Chabacano and L1 Cebuano and L2 Filipino: Influence of Actancy Structure on Transfer” was presented by Dr. Arnuco and “The Impact of Inflectional Awareness on Syntactic Bootstrapping and Fast Mapping of Novel Verbs in Filipino, English and Chabacano” was presented by Dr. Concepcion. The members of the City Council of Zamboanga have unanimously passed a resolution commending Drs. Arnuco and Concepcion for having been selected as Convenors and Presenters in the said convention.