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The services in the Guidance Office are inter-related and integrated in the academe to guide pupils in their developmental growth.


Extensive orientation is conducted during the first month of the school year for entering students. It is designed to acquaint the new pupils and their parents regarding the school’s philosophy and objectives, guidance services personnel and facilities with all the aspects of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University.


  • The Guidance Office, with the assistance of the administration, faculty and staff facilitates the orientation program for new pupils.
  • During homeroom period, moderators discuss with the pupils the school’s vision-mission, school’s philosophy, rules and objectives.
  • The school’s organizational set-up, profile, physical plant, nature and function of each office in the Grade School and other topics related to student’s needs are also taken up during the orientation program.
  • Guidance sessions to identify learning styles, study skills, as well as management, dealing with stress and how to seek for help are scheduled.


The Guidance Office keeps an organized and systematic record of each pupil. Data about pupils are recorded in the Pupil’s Cumulative Record.

The following are pupil’s information provided by the Guidance Office:

  • Individual Inventory Record ( personal & family data /school  & health record)
  • Other significant information  ( family  & peer relationship, accomplishment, interest & abilities)
  • Semi-structured Autobiography ( anecdotal records, interview impressions, sample of pupil’s work, summary of interview, profile of psychological test results)


Assessment of the pupil’s personal and academic development is always gauged through testing. There are different tests given as the pupils moves from one grade level to the next.

  • Entrance / Placement Test – a qualifying test for Junior Preparatory and transferees for their admission to ADZU given as early as October till May.
  • Early School Personality Test – a test given early September to Grades 1 to 3.
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (OLSAT/ RPN) to assess students’ strengths and weaknesses given late September to Grades 4-6
  • Diagnostic Test ( CEM-DT) – a test given during the month of February



This aims to assist the pupil in his/her personal, social and academic growth so that she / he will become a responsible person, socially – oriented, intellectually competent, and spiritually mature. The Guidance Counselors encourage pupils to visit the Guidance Office whether she / he has some problems or not. These visits can promote and enhance camaraderie and rapport between counselors and pupils.


The counselor collaborates with the child’s teacher and other support staff to help the child succeed. All students can receive ongoing counseling services on the following basis:

  1. Individual Counseling
  2. Group Counseling


This is necessary  to lead the pupils to make wise decision regarding vocation or career they wish to take based on their potentials and interests. This service provides opportunities for pupils to be aware of their own career/ vocational interest as well as their community’s occupational needs. It also instills in the students proper attitudes towards work.


  • Pamphlets on different occupations and careers, books, magazines on vocation are provided for the students.
  • Topics on career and vocation are discussed during Homeroom periods
  • Career talks or conference are held for Grade six pupils during the first week of March.


This service aims to help administrators, teachers and parents be informed regarding the non-academic matters and other pertinent data of the students. The Guidance Counselors also submits comments and suggestions from persons involved in the growth and development of students.


Holding short conferences with administrators, teachers and parents as the need arises.
Providing non-confidential student information to administrators and teachers.
Information about guidance activities are coursed through the student to the parents

  1. Data gathered from the Student’s Cumulative Record  may be  used for  possible co-relational  studies on:
  2. educational attainment of parents
  3. student’s academic  performance
  4. socio-economic background of family –student behavior.


This is a process of evaluating the effectiveness and adequacy of the Guidance Program in operation, and the curriculum general.