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Preschool and Kindergarten



“Early in life, we learn from

the activities we engage in,

from our experiences, not

from memorizing or studying

but from doing things

with a purpose.” (Kilpatrick, 1918)

Children learn from meaningful activities and experiences. Through direct and actual participation, they become aware of people and things around them. They begin to understand that God gave all these to them because for His great love for them. Early acquisition and understanding of knowledge and truth form the bases for intelligent actions and interactions in the years ahead.

The Seraphim Club of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School was organized to provide the Senior and Junior Preparatory students active participation in meaningful activities that hope to develop greater awareness of God’s love for each one of them and to develop appreciation of God’s greatness through His creations.



The Seraphim club aims to:

1. develop among preparatory children early awareness of God’s love;

2. appreciate the greatness of God in His creations;

3. get involved in activities to be aware of each other as gifts from God;

4. serve others through group activities in the classroom.


1. Recognize signs, symbols and manifestations of God’s love for us like:

1.a. family (papa, mama, brothers and sisters);

1.b. teachers, friends, classmates; and

1.c. things around us.

2. Do actions and activities to show one’s love for family, friends, classmates and others.


Friday Activities:

ü visit the chapel

ü pray for birthday celebrants within the week

ü pray for a sick classmate or loved one

ü sing religious songs

ü view films on related theme

ü watch and admire beautiful things in creation (outside the room)

ü thank the Lord for gifts received (family, teacher, classmate, food, clothes, school, toys, etc.)

September 08 Seraphim Day

ü Procession/Mass

ü Dedication of pupils

ü Program (singing religious songs)

February 14 Parent’s Day

ü Mass

ü Program

· Choral recitation

· Thanksgiving by pupils

· Offering/giving of cards to parents

ü Fellowship meal

All Preparatory Moderators/Teacher Partners/Subject Teachers