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September is Social Involvement Month (SIMO)

What is SIMO?

Social Involvement Month, popularly known as SIMO, is an annual, month-long activity held every September featuring a series of activities geared towards exposing the Ateneo community to social realities and inculcating in them the desire for selfless social involvement and service. The whole month is allotted for alternative classes; concerts; exposure trips; education; and information campaigns and seminars.

SIMO 2019

This 2019, SIMO embraces the theme “PAGSASAKAPANGYARIHAN NG PANLIPUNANG KAMALAYAN” (Empowering the Social Consciousness). From this viewpoint, SIMO is set to be a ground for the anticipation of being consciously aware of the feeling of “me” and the sense of “us” in society.

This is evident in the statement, “There is a movement from “me” to “we,” as our awareness moves us to actively engage in the well-being of others and the world. There is also an expansion of perspective-taking, in which we get better at seeing things from another person’s point of view. Scientific data from interpersonal neurobiology suggests that our brains develop through our connections to others. Other research indicates that we have built-in drives that spur us to search for purpose in our lives. This suggests that our brains are social organs” (Schlitz, 2011).

The theme is also rooted in the 5 Principles of SACSI Office which are the following: a.) Authentic Humanism b.) Faith that does justice.) Simplicity of Lifestyle d.) Peace e.) Inter-faith Dialogue (Cantillo, F. et al, 2009), and of the Ateneo Ignatian Values and Principles-Magis, Cura Personalis, Companionship, Social Involvement, Discernment, and Animo (AdZU Strategic Plan, 2017-2022). 

How to get involved in SIMO?

Step 1. Join the SIMO orientation on September 2-3, 2019

Step 2.- Login to your MyADZU portal account and choose the alternative class you want to enroll in. Remember, it’s first come first served!

Step 3. Take note of the following information: schedule of payment and validation (to be announced via MyADZU portal) and schedule of your class orientation.

Step 4. Attend the class orientation for information on the dos and don’ts and things to bring to class.

Step 5. Attend the send-off mass for all SIMO participants.

Step 6. Ensure on-time, full-time participation upon deployment to the chosen class/area.

Step 7. Participate in the SIMO evaluation and processing to help improve the program.

Step 8. Attend culminating activity and receive the gift of a new perspective!