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Sending Sendong Kids Back to School

07 January 2011




I would like to thank the volunteers, donors and partners of our Oplan Sendong in the wake of Typhoon Sendong which hit Northern Mindanao especially Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City.  I have been greatly inspired by the energy, dedication and generosity of all who assisted the victims and survivors of Typhoon Sendong.  I am most grateful to the Oplan Sendong Team and all the other units and offices of AdZU for all your good work.  We sent a total of 6 truck loads of relief goods (apart from cash) to Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City.  In San Roque, Iligan City, I was quite pleased when people thanked me for all the help that Zamboanga City extended through AdZU.

The relief operation is slowly winding down, and the task of returning back to normalcy, rehabilitation and building new homes and infrastructures for the survivors of the typhoon has already started.

In an effort to return to normalcy, we are partnering with Tzu Chi Foundation – Zamboanga to promote Back2School Project.  Essentially this project aims to provide school bags containing notebooks, writing materials and so on to students who survived the typhoon.  Trauma, loss of lives and properties and other difficulties have weighed down heavily on these survivors.  This project hopes to give inducements to the traumatized students so that they can return to school.  We hope to generate as many as 1,500 beneficiaries.  Each school bag with school items costs P 170.00.  We are asking particularly our students and the wider academic community to contribute or share the contribution to sponsor a school bag.  We also encourage donors to send personal letters of encouragement to the beneficiaries of this project.  I ask the Basic Education Principals and the Deans to organize this campaign in their own units.  Please send your donation to the Finance Office for proper acknowledgment.

Once again, my profound thanks to all of you.


Antonio F Moreno SJ

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