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Search Committee for University Treasurer

14 May 2013



I wish to announce the formation of a Search Committee that will present its nominee(s) to the AdZU Board of Trustees for approval.  The following are hereby appointed to be members of the Search Committee:

Mr Maynard R Bagtasos – Chair

Br Raymund E Belleza SJ

Ms Suzette S Enriquez

Engr Aldrin A Hitalia

Mr Mario S Rodriguez

Ms Suzette E Sousa

I thank the members of the Search Committee led by Mr Bagtasos for their availability and work to assist in the selection of the University Treasurer.

Applicants are asked to submit to Engr Aldrina A Hitalia, HRADO Director, a letter of intent to the President/OIC and CV. It is our hope that the University Treasurer, who also acts as the Assistant to the President for Finance and Administration, will be named immediately after the 24 August 2013 meeting of the AdZU BOT.  For queries, please ask any of the members of the Search Committee.

I take this moment to thank  Br Raymund E Belleza SJ whose term of office expires at the end of the first semester.  He will then proceed to his Tertianship program (final formal formation of a Jesuit) in Australia.  He has been a key university figure in our formation program initially, and then in financial management and administrative governance.

For your information.

Antonio F Moreno SJ

Memo: 12-13:68