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School of Liberal Arts Days 2018: Building A United Front

School of Liberal Arts Days 2018: Building A United

The School of
Liberal Arts (SLA) Days is an annual event that has long been anticipated by
the SLA Dragons since the beginning of the school year. The event, which was
held from September 8 to 9, 2018 at the MPCC and backfield of Salvador Campus,
was an effective space given to the students where they could interact through
community-building activities and contests, and in the process, build a strong
united f
ront as the body of SLA.

The theme, creatively
designed after the concept of dragons by the officers of the Liberal
Arts Academic Organization (LAAO), inspired the non-sports team names and
games. The four teams were Red Targaryen, Green Rhaegal, Yellow
and Black Drogon, all of which were derived from the timely
fantasy drama Game of Thrones. Games were held during the first day like
Catch the Dragon’s Tail and Dragon’s Egg Hunt, all of which aimed
to promote sportsmanship and camaraderie among the players. Aside from the
non-sports activities, there were also sports activities such as basketball, softball, futsal, volleyball, and badminton.

On the second
day, the Dragons feasted at a boodle fight and celebrated the Back to the
90s Acquaintance Party
. The acquaintance party was held at the Acacia Hall
of LM Metro Hotel where more than a hundred students from
LAAO and other academic organizations attended.


Emmanuelle Marcos, the project manager of the event, recalls: “It took us weeks
to prepare for this special event. We encountered problems, criticisms, and
breakdowns along the way, but that didn’t stop us from doing our job – to make
this event the best one we possible could…”


Indeed, all the
LAAO officers and the event organizers did not disappoint. With the 90s as the
theme of the party, the whole venue was sensibly adorned with vibrant colors
and designs that featured iconic elements of the 90s. The main highlight of the
party, which was the pageant for the muses and escorts of the respective
non-sports teams, entertained the party goers with the candidates’ bright array
of clothing and fun responses. Over all, the night was filled with nostalgic
music, good food, and laughter.


“As a student,
I always hoped for better days for LAAO, but as governor, it was my
responsibility to make it happen. SLA Days 2018 was all about reviving the
Dragon within us. It was a reminder that we are a community and are bound to
create better days together,” Fatimatuzzahra Abdulmajid, LAAO
Governor, says when asked about the significance of SLA Dats.
Truly, the SLA Days transcends a mere two-day activity. It was a venue for the student
body of the SLA to come together and ignite the Dragon spirit within them. Oftentimes,
it is difficult for a department to solidify when it consists of individuals
with such varied courses. Successfully however, the 2018 SLA Days bridged the
gap between these Dragons and has given them a newfound hope of a more unified