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Sanction of Serious Infractions

B. Sanction of Serious Infractions

A serious infraction of a school rule or regulation will call for the application of an appropriate sanction, which may be any of the following depending on the gravity of the offense.


1. WARNING – The student and his/her parents are informed of the infraction and the warning is given that a repetition of the same infraction may call for a more severe sanction. This is noted in the student’s disciplinary record.

    After two warnings in the Disciplinary record, the student will be given a suspension.

    2. SUSPENSION – The offending students is not allowed to come into the campus for the number of days imposed by the Grade School Director of Student Services. Non-School days ( Sunday or Holiday), whether foreseen or not, are not counted as part o the suspension period. A 60% mark is given to quizzes missed as a result of the suspension.

      A student who has been suspended twice will be put on PROBATION.

      While on probation, if the student commits an infraction that warrants 3. suspension, he/she will be placed on STRICT PROBATION.

      3. PROBATION – Probation is a status which serves as a warning. The student is placed under probation status if he/she has been suspended twice. Probation is imposed for a minimum of 30 days and a minimum of 60 days.

      4. STRICT PROBATION – Strict Probation is a status short of dismissal/expulsion given to a student whose action and/or behavior causes separation from school. A student is placed under this status if he/she has been suspended thrice.

          Strict Probation is imposed for a minimum of 60 days and a maximum of 100 days. During the period of probation, the student is given the chance to prove to the school authorities that he/she can change for the better and thus merit retention in the school as a bonafide student.

          While on strict probation, if the student commits another serious misconduct, he/she will be given a FINAL WARNING.

          5. FINAL WARNING – if the student who is on strict probation commits a major offense short of dismissal, he/she put on Final Warning Status for a period of 100 school days.

            Within the 100 day period, if he/she does not commit any further offense, and if he/she manifest earnest desire to change for the better, his/her status will be revered to Strict Probation Status. Otherwise, he/she will be placed under investigation for dismissal. The Director of Student Services notifies the parents/guardian of the student who is on Probation and Final Warning Status.

            If disruptive behavior is once again shown after the warning, the student is subject to permanent debarment from the Ateneo.

            6. DEBARMENT/EXCLUSION – A student will be asked to withdraw fro the Ateneo or is denied re-enrollment for the serious violation or frequent and continuos disregard of the school’s rules and regulation.

            7. EXPULSION / DISMISSAL – this sanction is applied for very serious offenses like stealing, giving of test papers or leakage and passing pornographic materials in accordance with the Manual of Procedure prescribed by the Department of Education.

                Expulsion/ Dismissal is the most serious of all sanctions. A student who is expelled or dismissed from the school is debarred from all private and public schools (see section 77, paragraph c, manual of regulations fro private Schools, 1995 Edition)