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Sale of University Vehicles

DATE             : September 08, 2011

TO                : ALL FACULTY and STAFF

FROM            : Br. Raymund E. Belleza, SJ
Asst to President for Administration

RE                : Sale of University Vehicles

The University is selling a number of old vehicles due to its maintenance cost we will replace these with new ones. The following vehicles are up for sale:
Plate No.         Minimum Bid

White Suzuki                 JBM 905              P 15,000.00
White Suzuki                  JBM 915                15,000.00
Cream Tamaraw              NMB 966               50,000.00
ABRFI Blue Tamaraw        JAY 180         50,000.00

You may contact and visit the Auxiliary Office to check on the condition of the vehicles.

The sale process is sealed bidding, vehicles are sold to the highest bidder.  The University Bidding Committee will be the one to process the bidding. Payment is CASH BASIS. Any interested parties may submit their bid amount placed in a SEALED envelope with a label VEHICLE BIDDING address to me. Deadline of submission is September 26, 2011.

Thank you