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Rise of Dengue cases in Zamboanga City

02 August 2010




We are fully aware of the rise of dengue cases in Zamboanga City.  We have been told that since June there are at least 600 reported dengue cases.  Since January 2010, at least 1,000 dengue cases in Zamboanga City have been reported.  As of 31 July, we have received 11 confirmed cases of dengue in our AdZU community (6 in the Grade School, 2 in the High School, 2 in College and 1 Grade School faculty member).  In all probability, there could be more actual cases which are unreported and unconfirmed.  On 28 July, Angelico “Geco” Ben P Miranda of HS 2 – Borgia, son of Mr Benjamin R Miranda – GS Guidance Counselor, succumbed to dengue fever.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Geco and the Miranda family.

I would like to inform our community that since June we have been conducting search-destroy schemes to contain and prevent the rise of dengue within our premises.  There have been repeated attempts at fogging/fumigation and salting of potential breeding areas of dengue mosquitoes in our two campuses.  We have also conducted thorough information campaign (as in past years) such as room-to-room instructions, leaflets distribution and other forms of education to give some basic ideas on dengue and how to search, destroy and prevent its threat on our community.

I thank our AdZU Infirmary for coordinating all these efforts in collaboration with the College of Nursing, School of Medicine, Physical Plant Office, City Health Office, Faculty & Staff and Basic Education parents.  Let us remain vigilant and get involved in curbing the spread of dengue cases.

For your information and action.

Antonio F Moreno SJ

Memo: 10-11:08