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Research as Ministry

The AdZU URO exists in the service of research practice and production, a very significant mandate of a university. In AdZU, URO leads in the operationalization of the university’s research thrusts. URO functions in cultivating a research and publication culture in the AdZU. Specifically, URO facilitates the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the research programs, processes, and projects in AdZU. The office is animated by the Dean for Research, Research Officers, Research Staff, and Support Staff. With the newly created positions and new members, URO embarks on new ways of running the office and coordinating with different stakeholders in the university. Together with the AdZU Research Ethics Committee, and Asia Mindanaw Journal, URO is supervised by the University Research and Publication Council (URPC), of which URO is the secretariat.

Our Programs

A. Research Chair Program

It is an institutional funding mechanism designed to stimulate members of the AdZU community to translate interesting ideas into research proposals that will eventually result in completed research projects. This program is established to facilitate the systematic delivery of research-related support and reward system. Ultimately, the research chair program aims to increase research productivity in AdZU.


  • Research Load
  • Financial support for the research conduct
  • Honoraria
  • Recognition
  • Paper presentation

B. Training and Coaching Program

It is an institutional research capacity building mechanism designed to create a pool of AdZU competent and conscientious researchers. This program has two components, namely, research and proposal writing training, and research coaching. The research and proposal writing training aims to encourage and guide researchers during the conceptualization and the initial stages in the conduct of research. Complementary to this, the research coaching aims to establish a system of guiding the researchers during the implementation of research projects.


  • Research capability building
  • Expert guidance from experienced coaches
  • Research incentives and recognition

C. Research Utilization Program

It is an institutional mechanism that facilitates the use of research results for the benefit of identified stakeholders. This program includes the integration of research results in intervention; support to regional, national, and international paper presentations; research policy translation; and support to publication. The research utilization program aims to facilitation the dissemination of research results, inform policy makers and stakeholders, and increase publication by and support the professional development of AdZU faculty and staff.


  • Opportunity to present in conferences abroad
  • Airfare and travel allowance
  • Publication in prestigious journals
  • Incentives and recognition
  • Professional development