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Reminders regarding activities and safety protocol

To: ADZU Community
From : University Security Office (USO)
Date: August 15, 2012

Greetings to all!

Our office would like to remind the community regarding the following;

1. Please do not forget to inform the USO of any activity in campus (both for internal and external clients) preferably a week before the scheduled activity so that we can help facilitate the entry of guests, visitors and participants.  You can inform us in writing or make use of the hosting event form which has to be submitted to us.

The standard protocol will be followed for activities implemented by students, class,  departments, colleges, clubs and organizations.

2. Considering the long holiday ahead, please be reminded to double check on all electrical outlets (i.e. unplug all electrical appliances or units), faucets, lights, electric fans, aircon, computers etc. before closing the office or AOR for safety purposes.  Just a friendly reminder.

Thank you.