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Ready for the biggest event of the school year?

It’s that time
of the year again when Ateneans from all over gather to celebrate the biggest
event of the school year. With an incredible line-up of fun activities and
programs, this year’s Ateneo Fiesta has a lot of fun new experiences to offer.
From organizational booths turning into tribal pop-up galleries to the first
ever Atfest E-games, there is so much to look forward to this coming fiesta.

Jumping off from the previous Ateneo
fiestas where the AdZU community rose as one family to celebrate unity, Atfest
2018 is going to be another jubilant celebration of our Filipino identity and
uniqueness, featuring various tribes and groups present in the Philippines. It
shall highlight Ateneo’s unified aspiration of solidarity amidst diversity.

“This year, we are going back to our roots.”

­­-Armee Jay Cresmundo, Over-all AtFest 2018 Chair

Another new feature of this year’s
Atfest aims to promote the individuality of each unit and academic organization
(AO) while promoting the tribe that each represents. The traditional
booth-making challenge shall be this year’s Galleria de Cultura: The Pop-up
Gallery-Making Contest. Each participating unit or AO shall conceptualize and
create a colorful booth featuring the tribe they proudly represent – a new,
festive, and informative twist to the challenge. More than this however, Atfest
2018 breaks new ground with E-sports Fest, where contestants battle each
other in a Defense of the Ancients (DotA) and Mobile Legends tournament.

In a memo to the community, Father President “enjoins the AdZU community’s active participation and full support to these two important institutional events that celebrate our solidarity and shared love for the Ateneo.” More than just a series of activities, the Ateneo Fiesta is one of the most-awaited institutional celebrations that all Ateneans cherish and enjoy.

Armee Jay Cresmundo, Over-all AtFest
2018 Chair, envisions this year to be a celebration of our shared Ignatian
identity and spirituality. “We are a community of people from different
background and culture but we come together to fulfill one common goal…share
a common tradition, vision, and mission that are rooted from the Ateneo spirit
Cresmundo states. 

Junto Todo Tribo Ateneo!


 Photos by Ateneo Fiesta Docu Team