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Projector / Laptop

C.Projector / Laptop




The data projector does not show anything or the computer image is not displayed on the projector screen.

  • The data is not turned on.
  • Only the projector model screen is displayed.
  • The projector is not synchronized with the computer signal.
  • Make sure the power cable is tight and plugged in, the lens cap is removed and press the power button on the projector’s key.
  • Make sure the computer or data cable is connected between the computer and the projector.
  • Try pressing the laptop activation keys (usually Fn Keys).
  • Press the menu button on the projector keypad or remote control to open the menus then highlight and select reset in the basic menu.

The computer image fills the screen but the text is fuzzy and difficult to read.

  • The resolution of the laptop is not synchronized with the native resolution of the projector.
  • The lens adjustment is not correctly settled.
  • The image is tinted and color is distorted.
  • Try setting the laptop’s resolution to the projector’s native resolution by selecting the option in the laptop -> Start /Settings / Control Panel /Display / Settings tab, select 800×600 if projector’s resolution is 800×600 and 1024×768 if projector’s resolution is 1024×768.
  • Use the lens adjuster to correct the fuzzy image on the projector screen.
  • Press the Menu button, navigate “Advance” menu, and then select “Reset.”
  • If color problems persist, check the cables for bent or broken pins, then the cable need to be replaced.
  • Report malfunction projector to the Center using the online request form.