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Procedure for Physical Plant Office Job Requests

DATE   : July 02, 2012


FROM   : Br. Raymund E. Belleza, SJ
Asst to the Pres for Administration



I wish to remind the community of our university procedure relevant to Physical Plant Office (PPO) Job Requests. In order to facilitate the monitoring of PPO job requests, a NEW Job Request Form is available (downloadable through the AdZU website). Starting July 09, 2012, PPO will only accept this NEW Job Request Form as this will facilitate the on-time compliance of PPO job requests. The procedure for Job Requests is as follows:

1. All job requests, whether small or big, must be made using the NEW Job Request Form. No request shall be entertained through phone calls except in cases of emergency or cases that need the immediate attention of the PPO;

2. A Job Order Form must be filled out by the office/unit concerned in two (2) copies and submitted to the Physical Plant Office (PPO).

3. Upon receipt of the Job Request, the PPO will fill up the lower portion of the form to indicate the expected job completion date. This is the target date for PPO to accomplish the request. The PPO must return one copy of the request to the unit or office concerned to inform them of the target completion date. It is expected that the unit or office will monitor the progress of the job request.

4. The following time frames shall be implemented by the PPO:

a. Maintenance requests (aircon cleaning, change of light bulbs, locks, door knobs etc) – within one week.

b. Repair or fabrication of pieces of furniture and fixtures – within one month

c. For Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) approved budgets for improvements and
repairs, the target project completion will depend on the type of work to be done.  A project schedule will be implemented upon approval of the budget. The PPO must still place the target date of completion when the unit requests for it.

5. Upon completion of the work, the units or offices shall be asked to sign in the lower right part of the request as acceptance of the work done by the PPO.

6. Any work done by the PPO or by a contractor that does not meet the requirements/standards as specified or agreed upon in the plan, shall be subject for rectification.

For your information and guidance.