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Procedure for Application

  1. Incoming freshmen and transferees may acquire scholarship application forms at the Office of Scholarships or download a form from this site. For students already enrolled in the university, a copy of their final grades for the semester must be submitted.
  2. Applicants must submit duly filled out application form along with other requirements as soon as possible:
    • A detailed personal statements about the need for a scholarship grant / financial aid for your son / daughter / ward.
    • A clear copy of entrance test result (ATCU)
    • A copy of the most recent INCOME TAX RETURNS (of applicant’s parents or guardian).
    • A copy of the applicant’s high school card.
    • A letter of recommendation from an Imam ( for Muslims), Pastor (for Non-Catholics), and the Parish Priest ( for Catholics )
    • A detailed sketch of the applicant’s residence (complete with house number, street and other landmarks).

Incomplete application forms will not be processed.

3. Applicants may be given a schedule for interview. An applicant who does not appear for the interview will have to secure another appointment.

Enrollment forms for successful applicants

  1. Scholarship enrollment forms will only be given out during enrollment period and must be secured by the scholars themselves. Other people (e.g. parents, friends, siblings) enrolling for the scholar must present a letter of authorization.
  2. Failure to secure a scholarship form during the designated period (only during enrollment period as specified by the College Registrar) will mean forfeiture of the privileges enjoyed for the semester.
  3. A scholar is held responsible for the loss, mutilation/destruction of his/her scholarship form. In cases like these, a scholar must file for an affidavit of loss and present it to the Office for him/her to secure a replacement.
  4. Government scholarships (e.g. NSP, RSP, SSP, SNPLP, etc) are coursed through the Office. Students who avail of such grants must present their letter of award and other pertinent documents during the enrollment period or as soon as possible. For them to enjoy the privileges, government scholars are required to fill-up scholarship forms every semester. The Finance Office will only honor government scholarship grants upon the recommendation or approval of the Office of Scholarships.