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Philosophy Department (2018-2019)

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (BA PHILO)


The Philosophy department of Ateneo de Zamboanga University develops the person’s holistic formation through the development of critical thinking, reflective awareness, commitment to faith, respect for human dignity and recognition of plurality and diversity that characterize human existence.


Philosophy as the search for understanding and the pursuit of wisdom and truth provides a holistic approach to learning, thereby fostering an atmosphere of philosophical discourse enabling the students to develop a habit of reflective and critical thinking in the context of cultural and religious pluralism. Through reflection and critical thinking they become men and women for others and are open to the dimension of faith experience.


The program aims to:

  • Help students in cultivating habits of critical and creative reflection on their personal, social, religious and ethical experiences.
  • Provide students the opportunity of harmonizing all these experiences into one cohesive and meaningful whole through philosophical reflection.
  • Further, philosophy recognizes that classroom learning is not enough. Hand in hand with philosophical reflection is for the students to be engaged and be involved with the world, thereby making them balanced and well-rounded persons.


  • AB Philosophy majors will be equipped to pursue careers in:
  • Teaching philosophy subjects in the college
  • For priesthood as philosophy serves as a requirement for theology.
  • In Law, philosophy as a pre-Law major provides students interested in a career in law with a program specifically designed to develop the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills necessary for law school.
  • Public Service. . Both politicians and career public servants benefit from the ability to identify, define and solve an astonishing variety of problems