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H. Pegasus




Upon using Pegasus Mail, an error occurred during the startup process for Pegasus mails NetWare 4.x NDS support, but Pegasus Mail has been unable to determine the exact cause.

  • Your user code might not have been correctly configured, or it may not have sufficient rights to browse the NDS database.
  • Check to make sure if your login name or your account is activated or if you have rights to browse the Pegasus Mail.
  • Report this problem to the system administrator.

Message Preview is disabled.

  • Pegasus terminated abnormally the last time it ran.
  • Restart Pegasus Mail.
  • To enable the message preview function go to the “Folders” menu and select the “Preview mode” option then click.

The message will pop out from the screen “Client32: Out of disk space writing file B4CUZUP2.CNM to server central. Try deleting some files before retrying operation warning: Data will be lost.”

  • There is no space for new mail to come in.
  • Click OK several times to return to normal then delete some mails or files to free up disk space.