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“Paying it forward” – The Ateneo Alumni Scholar way

When Archie Arvi T. Rojas was an accounting student here at the Ateneo he was one of the lucky ones to be awarded the Nonito Regino Scholarship. This Scholarship made it possible for Archie to finish his course in 1999, with flying colors, and find employment in a prestigious firm, Liquigaz Philippines Corporation, with offices at Muntinlupa, Metro Manila. He is currently Director for Operations of the said company.

Having found some financial stability after years of hard work, Archie has decided to “pay it forward” by offering to support a poor but deserving student to a  4- year full scholarship starting this school-year, 2009-2010. He has aptly named it, the “Roberto Rojas- Alfredo Del Rosario scholarship”, in memory of his late father and late father-in law.

The first recipient of Archie’s scholarship is Mr. Joseph San Agustin, a 3rd year BS Information Technology student.

We hail Archie for his generous heart and for remembering to give back to his alma mater by way of this scholarship, the “Roberto Rojas- Alfredo Del Rosario Scholarship”.

We hope that Archie’s exemplary act will pave the way for more alumni and friends of the Ateneo to be a part of our Scholarships Program.