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“Paying It Forward: Part Two”

I recall years ago, having known a bubbly and lovely scholar. She was a head-strong girl who knew what she wanted in life. Having come from a humble background, Judith B. Nohay de Fiesta, worked hard to be where she is now, the Head of Office of the local Department of Foreign Affairs. Her achievements have made her family and her alma mater proud.

While she was assigned in Thailand, she joined the Philippine Embassy Ladies’ International Bazaar Group [PELIBG]. This group involved itself with charitable work.

By way of her PELIBG membership, Judith was able to successfully acquire a Samsung computer unit from the group, for the use of scholars under the Office of Scholarships.

Judith has shown one way of participating in the Ateneo Scholarships Program by “paying it forward” in her own way.

Bravo , Judith!